Thursday, June 2, 2011

Puff quilt baby blanket

     I love quilts, but that is not an art I have learned as of yet. This may be as close as I'll ever come to it. I'm not sure I posses the patience to do the real deal! This "quilt" only took about two hours to make...totally my time frame for a project! =)
     Several years back an older lady gave me a lot a fabric from her stash since she didn't sew anymore. Among which, were two pieces of pre-quilted material. One is blue and the other is pink. They just happen to match perfectly with the colors I am using in the girl's room! I found some happy looking fabric to use for the top of the blankets that matched exactly with the sheets and bed skirts I already made.

     This blanket is a yard by 44 inches. I started by cutting my fabric to size.

     Next I marked off the blanket using chalk into sections like this.
     I used satin quilt binding and sewed up three of the sides, leaving one of the ends open.

     Starting at the far end I sewed the end section, leaving a large enough gap to get my hand in. I lightly stuffed it with pollyfill and then sewed it close.

     At this point, I decided I wanted blocks rather than one long section. I just eyeballed it and sewed straight lines through it making four blocks.

     Next I sewed the three middle sections doing the same thing. I left the very center as one section rather than blocks. On the last section, continue sewing the binding, but leave an opening to stuff it.

     Once it is stuffed, finish the binding and sew it into blocks like the others.

     This has just enough fill to give it some poof but not enough to be hard or lumpy.

     I can totally see this being super handy to throw on the floor for a soft place for baby to lay.

     I still have the pink backed one to do for the toddler bed, but I'm thinking I might try something different on it. I'll have to see what I can come up with. My two year old already pronounced that "I wike it! night night!" I had to explain she couldn't go night night with it because it was baby's, but she was going to get her own very soon. =)

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