Thursday, June 30, 2011

New "Vintage" Sign

      My little pantry consists of some built in shelving with no doors or anything to cover it. I've attempted to make it look attractive with baskets and such since it is exposed for all to see. That has worked fairly well, however it still looks a cluttered eyesore to me. I have a few ideas to improve it, and I started with this sign.
     I like vintage things to decorate with, but can't always find authentic ones. I'm totally fine with a good imitation though! I swiped a board from my hubby's scrap pile and gave it a coat of dark brown paint. Before it dried completely, I brushed it with a whitish grey paint. I wanted the brown to streak through it a bit.

     I used a stencil to paint on my letters.

     After it dried completely, I gave it a good rough up with sandpaper.

     I hung it on the wall at the top of my pantry. I like it. Its a start anyway, I have a fun idea to try that will cover the bottom section of those shelves.

     I'm not really sure how to get my idea to work, so I'll just have to keep thinking about that one for now and be content with my cute sign.

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  1. Love it!I need to make one, your pantry look so cute, i love the numbers : )