Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites - Spring!!

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       That picture totally make me want to go read Ann of Green Gables and go have a picnic or something. Did you know Easter is right around the corner? I've got one little girl Easter dress done, and one to go. Have you Springified your house and wardrobe yet?

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        I saw this dress, and decided a yellow dress must absolutely be in my future. Hopefully one that costs a tad less than $995, but it is gorgeous no?

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       So, what do you think about the floral trend these days? I am not one for trends unless they are something that is somewhat timeless. For instance, I'm not a huge fan of chevrons...don't hate me, its OK if you are. Florals though, I think I like.
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      I whipped up this floral tank out of some vintage rayon type fabric my mother in law gave me. Its hard to see, but it has a layered front and a key hole back. Knits are definitely my comfort zone since non-stretchy fabrics tend to be a lot more fussy to fit correctly. I'll have to work out some of the kinks before I attempt a tutorial. Just for grins and giggles, I'm entering it into Made by Rea's Spring Top Contest. You should totally check out the flicker pool, for some good sewing inspiration.

       I want to put a bit more "Springness" about the house. I showed you my mantle here, but I haven't done much else since then. 
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      Is this not the cutest little plant stand ever? Love it!

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       I wish I had mad free hand painting skills, I would totally do this something in my house. I bet modpodge and fabric would do the trick too. Hmm, must find an old dresser.

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     That rug is pretty cute too! I like the different patterns. Well, I've got a little one loudly telling me in every baby noise possible that she is hungry and I had better do something about it have a happy weekend! Don't forget to take some time to head outside and enjoy the season!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tank Wraps

       I haven't a clue what to call these, so "tank wraps" it is. I like layers, but I don't like to roast to death. Enter the tank wrap, a cool way to add texture, color, and interest to any summer outfit.

      A tank top and a cardigan all rolled up into one, with a bit of shiny bling to complete the look.

      I used a very lightweight knit for these, and I hand dyed them. These colors make me think of two things, beach houses and sherbet. Summer at its finest, in my opinion!

     I've moved multiple times in my life, but I've always lived within driving distance of the beach.
Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved looking at all the bright and pretty colored houses that line beach roads.

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     They don't have them so much here, but where I grew up in Florida there is endless miles of them. I love pretty colors! So, here is how these tank wraps look wearing them.

       Want one? Of course you do! Here is how, and this is a "one size fits most" deal. The smaller you are, the more flowy it will be. First off, cut out these pieces. The lighter weight material you use, the better. (the black is the front pieces, the red is the straps, and the purple is the back panel)

      Sew the front two side pieces to the back panel. Sew a gathering stitch across the top of the two front pieces. I used a serger to sew the larger seams. If you use a regular machine, I would suggest using a very, very narrow zigzag stitch and a longer length stitch. Machines have a tendency to want eat thin fabric, and the longer stitch will help the pressure foot to jump over the fabric better.

        Take the strap pieces and sew them right sides together and turn. You should have two tubes of fabric like so.

         Sew the gathered sections to the straps and topstitch.

       You'll need a two inch size mettle ring at this point. * Quick tip: I have found the best selection of different size rings at the best price in the plumbing section of the hardware store. My apologies to all the plumbers in my town for cleaning out their stock of supplies. Just as a forewarning, you probably will have just smile graciously at the weird looks you get from men actually shopping for, you know, plumbing parts for the purpose of plumbing. You will probably also have to assure about a dozen different employees that you are indeed in the section you wish to be, and no, you don't require their assistance.* Back to the task at hand, loop the other end of your straps around the ring and sew.

       Find the center of the back panel and mark it.

      Loop it around the mettle ring and tack it down. I don't sew a straight line, because I like it to look draped rather than stiff.

       I did not hem, because this fabric and style didn't require it.

     These are going to go in my Etsy Shop, so if sewing isn't your thing, you can always find one there. In case you happen to be still enjoying the remnants of winter...please enjoy what you have while it lasts. I got at least forty mosquito bites just while snapping these pictures. Warm weather isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Enjoy the rest of your week, see you on Friday!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick and Easy Baby Rompers

        Its been ages since I've sewn anything for the little ladies of the household. These little rompers are super easy to do, and you can even use an dress you already have! If you use a dress, you'll want to make sure its on the long side. I decided I didn't want to continue selling kids clothes in my Etsy shop, so I've got tons of these little dress sitting around. ( You can see the tutorial for how to make these dresses here. )

     I marked out four inches in the center of the dress on both the front and back.

      I sewed narrow elastic around the bottom of the dress, except between the marks.

      Next, I added extensions on the centers, so that it will snap between the legs. Because I made this dress a while ago, I didn't have anymore of this fabric to use. I just used twill tape, and cut two four inch long pieces. I sewed them on, where I had marked earlier.

      Next, add some snaps, and it's all done! You might even manage to get your snaps straight, unlike mine.

       I like ones made from cotton for a dressier look. She has a store bought one made from eyelet which is so super cute. That would be a good fabric choice as well.

        I also made a knit one from scratch. It is just a tube of fabric that is shirred at the top with elastic thread. I did the bottom the exact same way as above. For the straps, I made two tubes of fabric and slid elastic through them.

      The stretchy straps are very easy on the shoulders of busy little people...especially ones who have just learned to crawl. This gal has got places to go, and things to do, every second of the day.

      Off topic, but aren't those chubs just the cutest?! Can't believe how fast she is growing. Sniff. OK, back to the rompers.

      Have fun sewing!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites - Boutique tour

      Well it's Friday, and I am pleased to pieces about it. A few weeks ago I wrote a this post about how important it is to maintain your God given individuality in your style and work. This quote by Cheryl Nicolia, "Style is a voice, not a prop or an action. If you can buy it, borrow it, download it, or steal it, it is not a style. Don't look outward for your style; look inward", is perfectly illustrated by the pictures I am about to show you. When I wandered into  AJ's Southern Soul Boutique, I just about wanted to move in, I loved it so much!

       I decided you must see it, so I pushed back the "people don't really do weird things like walk into stores and take pictures" feeling....and asked if I could snap a few pictures for my blog. Angie, the owner, very graciously indulged my wacky whim, and allowed me to nose around to my heart's content. And now follows the longest blog post in blog history, so you better grab some coffee or something before you begin!
 ***Because these pictures are the hard work of another person, please do not pin them to pinterest. Any credit belongs to Angie, not to this blog, so I would appreciate your help with this.
       Right from the curb, this store gets one hundred percent of my attention. I am met with a cute little display of earrings in an eclectic collection of containers.

       The windows display flawless fashion with vintage finds.

       Walking through the front door, just makes me stop and smile. Color, texture, design, and an obvious skill at putting it all together is absolutely everywhere.

      For me, its hard to decide if I'd rather have what's on display, or the displays themselves!

        I completely love the way everyday things, thrift store and garage sale type finds, are used in a tasteful way as a backdrop for all the beautiful clothes and accessories for sale.

       Take a look at how just ordinary old patterns are used as decor.

       As for what you can buy there, I could cart home just about one of everything. There is an excellent mix of styles to choose from, and the accessories are just amazing.

      There is a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere projected with things like these colorful chairs scattered about.

       Right down to the details, there is creative thought, and originality put into everything. Nails that hold jewelry get a touch of color with some fun ribbon and buttons.

       When you say goodbye with your purchase, you don't get just an ordinary plastic bag.

       Don't ever assume people won't notice small things like that. They will, and they will appreciate it. From start to finish I completely admire the diversity and creativity found in this shop. There is culture without loosing the local flavor. There is vintage contrasted with current fashion. There is thrift without sacrificing style. Above all, it is someone doing what they love with their unique view of it.

     If you live in the local area, I'd highly recommend dropping by. Even if you aren't local, like AJ's Facebook page to see all the latest goods. You can message Angie to buy directly from there.
      So, here is your homework for this weekend, go find some real life inspiration. Pinterest and blogs are fun, but I think real life is even better! You just have to look for it! Happy Weekend!
P.S. I'm not getting paid or benefiting in anyway from this post. Its just my opinions on a really great shop!
P.S.S. That completely adorable skirt I was wearing in Wednesday's post came from here...and they are on sale! Yay!

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