Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Wall of White

      I love gallery walls. I think they appeal to me, because, as I've mentioned before, I'm a cluttery decorator. If one is good, than four or five should be better! I love to stash things in every spare space, and am constantly making myself take things down. Less is more so they say. A gallery wall on the other hand, I can clutter to my hearts content!
     The other day, when I re-painted this mirror and hung it up, all that bare space around it just drove me batty to look at! I immediately started "shopping" through my attic and junk tote looking for things to fill it up the space. I also found a few gems like these frames at Ross. (Seriously love that store! Its like Goodwill without dust, and stinky things! You never know what you'll find!)

      A bit of paint turned them into these.

      I also found this set of keys at Ross. How nifty are those?!!

     These brackets came from the thrift store, and I added glaze to antique them a bit.

     They are supposed to be curtain hangers.

     I like them as mini shelves, so fiddlesticks on what they are supposed to be! I think it is silly too wrapped around what is "normally" done. My house doesn't need to look like my neighbours, or like it came from a home decor store. I think your home should be a reflection of you, and that means unique in whatever way you would wish it to be.

      All the whites aren't exactly the same, some are more creamy and some more grayish.

      This sign I painted over top of another that had hung in our old house. It didn't match anything in this house, so I decided just to paint it again with something that did match. I went a little crooked on the top line...might need to go back and fix that.

      Each piece got a different finishing touch, some are just distressed with sandpaper. The smaller scrolly frames have a black glaze, the mirror has a brown glaze. The sign and music note have ink on the edges. These small frames I used a black crayon to add a distressed look. Just as a side note, crayon isn't permanent, so don't use it if the piece will be handled a lot.

      I still have room to add a few more pieces as I come across them...and I'm sure I will! The more the better after all!

     I relied heavily on sticky strips and hooks to hang the lighter weight stuff. I didn't want to mutilate my wall too horribly with holes! Hopefully, one day, I'll find a prettier cover for that air vent.
     If you want to see some great gallery wall inspiration, check out this post from Under the Table and Dreaming. Tons of great pictures! I love how they all show a different personality, some are really eclectic, some are modern...some really need to straighten up their pictures! Am I the only one who can't stand to see a crooked frame?! So, what do you think? Are gallery walls only for those who love to clutter?
P.S. Anyone else having problems with Blogger adding in spaces randomly to your posts?? I've edited this thing ten times and it still isn't working!

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14

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  1. I really really like this! I like the keys a lot! I also really like how you framed the sheet music! That is very creative and your whole wall is done very tastefully.

  2. Hi thanks for popping by my blog. I love how you styled the wall! I am now google friend following you, Karima x www.karimascrafts.com

  3. what if you painted the air vent the same color as the wall? i like the keys! unfortunately there is no Ross up here :(

  4. Very nice! Love gallery walls. :)

  5. This is sensational! Absolutely stunning!

    Join us tomorrow for our weekly Throwback Thursday link party.

  6. Your wall looks great! you did a fantastic job..
    Very creative.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  7. I love it! I love the shades of white on that gorgeous wall color! Very creative and not overdone.


  8. i love the curtain rod holders used as display space! great idea, and something i'm trying to do...which is look at things more than what they are. your whole wall looks fabulous!

  9. I know this sounds weird, but i love how the vent fits in! You made it work! Come see my 9 examples of gallery walls!

  10. I love this1 So vintage and classy loooking. Can you come to my house and make my walls look cute like this:>

  11. Looks great! I'm visiting from Organize and Decorate Everything! I'd love for you to share this with my {re}create into something new blog party too at http://notsosimplehousewife.blogspot.com/2011/07/recreate-into-something-new-3.html

    Hope to see you at my place soon!
    Kaitlin-The Not So Simple Housewife

  12. I love it! Thank you for sharing at my party!

  13. i didn't used to like gallery walls but I'm starting to fall in love with them! Yours is so pretty, thanks for sharing.

  14. Found you on TT&J and I absolutely love this wall! Very cute!


  15. Your wall is splendid!

    Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Overstock.com Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100.

  16. This is so beautifully done. Thank you for linking to my party!

  17. Lovely indeed! I did a similar thing up my stairs....can never get enough of a mirror collage. Here's my post if yer interested :)

  18. I love this wall! Thanks for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy last week! Hope you'll join us tomorrow and link up!

  19. Hi - Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - I love all thoughts and comments - much appreciated.

    I love what you did here - and you had me in stitches saying that Ross is like Good Will without dust and stinky things!! One of my clients is a buyer for Ross - I have to tell her that! Could be their new campaign motto! Hah!

    You know - the curtain hangers...you can always buy these little medallions that they sell and you can spray and antique them and glue them to the sides. Just an idea.

    Great blog!