Monday, July 11, 2011

Cloth Diapers

     I realize that this project only applies to a small minority, however,  I myself have benefited greatly by reading other people's tips on the subject of cloth diapering. I hope, this in turn, might help someone else.
     When my sister in law first mentioned she was going to cloth diaper, I thought she had lost her marbles! There was no way on earth that was going to last! However, it did last, and she showed me that not only was it easy, but it was practical and not near as awful as I had imagined. I started my first little lady on them around 9months and discovered that she actually got far fewer diaper rashes from them....and besides that, her little fluffy bum was just too cute!
     I plan to use them on my new little lady when she arrives later in August. I already showed you how easy it is to make your own wet bags for cloth diapers in this post. Making your own diapers is just as simple, and I think it is just fun. There are so many cute fabric prints, I could easily make three times as many as they actually need just for the sheer fun of it!

     I made a few covers this weekend to use over top of prefold diapers. Two are extra small and two are small. This video is pretty much exactly how I sew them. I've used this method to make both pocket diapers (they have a pocket to put an insert into), and covers (used over prefold diapers).   I make my own pattern based on diapers I already have, and on the size of insert I will be using. I also prefer to make mine with snaps, because they hold up better with lots of use, the kiddo can't pull them off, and they don't get caught on things in the wash. I put the snaps on the tabs in such a way that I can cross the tabs and snap them to each other if a smaller fit is needed.

     Make sure to put the PUL fabric shiny side out so you can easily wipe down the cover for another use.

     It is definitely cheaper to sew your own than to buy them, and you have the benefit of customizing the prints and construction to exactly what you want for your baby.

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation." Psalm 68:19

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  1. I think these are awesome! I cloth diapered all three of my kids, and loved it. They were so easy and fun...especially little girl prints. And I must say, my little ones that were in cloth the whole time (I must confess I didn't have good cloth diapers with my oldest so I failed after a few weeks), potty trained so much earlier and easier than their disposable diaper peers. I can't say enough good things about them. Good luck with your new babe in August!


  2. I love cloth too! I'm about to have baby #7, he will be my 4th to be cloth diapered! I just made up a few fitted diapers, I love how easy they are to make too and easy to put on a wiggly newborn!

    Blessings to you with your new little one!