Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wet Bags

      These little bags are so handy to have. They are great for holding wet diapers, wet clothes, muddy shoes, you name it. They are water proof and for the most part hold all smells in as well.  You can throw it in the wash along with everything else and reuse. Typically wet bags are made with PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) fabric on the inside and cotton on the outside. PUL can be purchased at JoAnn's, and some Hancock's carry it as well. You can order it online as well.
     Start by cutting your outer fabric and the PUL to whatever size bag you want. You'll need a zipper the same length. I like to serge around the cotton to keep the edges nice and sturdy after it is sewn. You could also sew a zigzag stitch around the edges to achieve the same affect.

     Line the PUL shiny side up with far edge of your zipper.

 Lay the cotton wrong side out on top, making a "zipper sandwich".

I don't use pins to hold it in place, because the less holes you poke in the PUL the better. Sew the layers to the zipper.

     Do the same thing to the other side.

     I like to top stitch the fabric along the zipper to make it look neater and to keep it from getting caught in the teeth.

      Unzip the zipper halfway. This will keep the zipper pull out of the way while you sew it up.

Put the cotton fabric right sides together and the PUL right sides together.

 Sew the PUL together and then the cotton, leaving the bottom open. Flip the cotton over the PUL and close up the bottom.

     The shiny side of the PUL will be facing out so that it can easily be wiped down and cleaned.

     I made a small one to keep in the diaper bag than can hold about five diapers, and a larger one that can hold a day's worth of diapers.

     Again, these are great for more than just diapers. I use them all the time in the summer for wet bathing suits after swimming. I think they are super handy to have, especially if you have kids.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! My wet bags (which I purchased) are just starting to fall apart, and I've just taken up sewing, so learning how to make new bags myself is perfect.
    Lindsay -

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  3. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your wet bags today on Sew Woodsy! Make sure you stop by and grab a featured button!

    Katie from Sew Woodsy

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