Thursday, May 19, 2011

Framed Letter Wall Decor

     I wish I had a before picture of this frame, but I painted it before I started blogging. I got it at yard sale for a couple bucks and it was ugly gold/mustard something or other. I painted it red, glazed it with dark brown glaze, and then dry brushed it with white paint. I love how the different tones bring out the details.

     The letter is just one of those cheap chip board letters you can buy at craft stores. It just has strips of white fabric knotted around it to give it that nice texture.

     I had done that exact same thing to this lamp several months ago.

     Peony wire works gave me the idea of doing it to a letter.
     Right now I have it above my bed, and I am liking it quite a bit.

     I love the idea of using fabric rather than just paint to transform something.

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  1. Your F turned out FABULOUS!!! Great job and thanks for the shout out!

  2. That turned out wonderful. How fun!

  3. Very pretty! I feel in love with Erin's torn letter when I first saw it! Thanks for linking!