Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plant stand

      I bought this odd and ugly little thing at Goodwill. What is it?

     It had a cork board type top and gold mettle legs. I'm not sure if it was meant to be a side table, stool, or what. I needed a plant stand for my deck so as soon as I saw it, I decreed that it should be one. After all, spray paint can make anything be anything I want it to be.

      And pretty flowers can make anything look better.

     It even has a handy little spot to stash another planter underneath.

      Funny, that flower on top used to grow wild in the cow fields across from where I lived growing up. I just paid $11 for a weed....maybe this trash to treasure thing is going a little too far. I got it because I know it's drought resistant. I have this nasty little habit of forgetting to water my plants.

     Maybe that's why my strawberries ( in the yellow pot) stopped growing at four inches and only make strawberries the size of pencil erasers? Ah well, at least the plant stand looks nice, and the pots are pretty. Not everyone is cut out to be a farmer I guess. =)

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  1. You took something uuuuuugleee and made it pretty and practical. Good job.