Monday, May 2, 2011

Dish cloth placemats and a quick tip

     This little project only took me a whopping 20minutes and about $3. When I bought my table cloths to make slipcovers out of, I also found several packs of plain white dish towels. They are just cotton so I grabbed a stack of them, knowing I would find a good use for them. Four of them are now my new placemats.

     I just cut about two inches off the top to make them rectangles, serged and hemmed them. I added a bit of ribbon down the sides just for pretties.

      My mister loudly protested them, because they require him to eat neatly. That is what I call a double mats and a tidy table. =)
     Oh yes, I took my machine in to the store where I bought it to see if they could figure out why it was giving me fits. As it turns out the little screw on my bobbin just needed to be tightened, and I needed to use better thread. I had no idea that there was any difference in the least between threads! Apparently, Coats and Clark thread has a coating on it that some machines don't like. She put Mettler thread in it and it worked as smooth as ever! So, if your machine randomly starts sounding like a woodpecker and popping needles...try switching out your thread!

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  1. I like the placemats! Very clever, and I had no idea that different kinds of threads had different coatings. I will keep it in mind :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!