Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Refashion fun

     I have a bucket in my sewing area that I throw in clothes that need repairs or remaking. I ought to set one day of the week every week to work on it, because it is quite overflowing. I did manage to make a small dent in it the other day. Among the pile was this maternity dress I found at a thrift store. There was nothing wrong with it except that the long sleeves are not going to work for the summer months and it was too short.

     Here it is after I took my scissors to it.

     I put a new binding around the sleeves and used the cut sleeves to add the ruffle. I decided it would look tacky to add extra material on the bottom so I'll just wear it with leggings.
     Another quick little refashion was this skirt, also a thrift store purchase and also too short for me.

     I loved all the gathering on it is so I decided to turn it into a dress for the little lady...although she needs a new dress like I need a hole in my head! I cut up the sides and cut arm holes. Using the scraps I made binding for the arm holes and straps.

     Its a perfect little sundress for her. One day maybe I'll see the bottom of that bucket yet!


  1. love the skirt to sundress idea! This has inspired me to do some thrift store shopping!

  2. GREAT IDEAS!! Can you show us how to do the ruffle? I have been wanting to learn how to add rosettes and ruffles to t shirts. thanks Kristy from your newest follower!! LOVE your stuff