Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flat Front Shirred Skirt

     I made this skirt specifically for a maternity skirt, so I can't vouch 100% for it working as a regular skirt. I see no reason why it wouldn't though, because the measurements are all your own. The front waist is flat and the back waist is shirred for easy fitting.
     I know that skirt tutorials pop up on here quite a bit. That is because they are a staple for my summer wardrobe, I don't think there is anything more comfy when it's a 100 degrees outside! They are also monstrously easy to make! =)  You can make your own this way.
     Cut out the following pieces.

     You can make an A-line skirt by simply adding a few inches to the bottom width of the skirt. Angle up at the bottom corners just slightly when cutting out.
     I had to put a lining in mine, because I used a light yellow seersucker that was see through. I just sewed the lining and the skirt portion as if it were one piece. Start by taking your front waist, folding it over in half, right sides out, and sewing along the top.

     Take your back waist and make a casing for elastic along the top. Make sure that the width of the back piece equals the width of the front waist. I like to serge along the edges first to keep it all neat and tidy.

     Sew lines with elastic thread beneath your casing. I think I did about nine rows. Leave about a quarter inch at the bottom so you can sew it to your skirt.

     Thread your elastic through the casing and sew down the ends. I used inch and a half knit elastic.

    Now the front waist and the back waist are finished.

    Sew each waist to its respective side of the skirt.

     When you do the back, just stretch the waist as you go to line up with the top of the skirt. Now sew up the sides, right sides together. Hem and you are all done!

     I really like how, even though it has an elastic waist, there is no extra material in the skirt part. It looks like a typical A-line skirt without any waist bulkiness.

     Seersucker is a great fabric to use for this, because it works wonderfully with elastic thread. My only complaint with it, is that it wrinkles easily. It's a super comfy skirt, lightweight and perfect for hot summer sun!

     Have fun sewing!

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  1. What a cute skirt! I'm wanting to make a few of my own for this summer. Thanks for the cute idea and instructions!

  2. I love the fabric. I also like that it's an elastic skirt without all the extra poof. Very cute.

  3. I love this skirt! I'm on the hunt for elastic thread. Once I get some I want to try and make this skirt. I've pinned this to my pinterest board!

    Thank you for linking to Sew Woodsy last week! Keep on linking great projects!

  4. I have probably made six or so of these skirts now and I just LOVE them!!! they are so comfy, even on bloated days....and depending on the fabric they can even be dressy enough for work--THANK YOU!