Friday, June 17, 2011

Another flipflop refashion

     Yes, I realize I just posted about this...but it's summer here people! Its HOT! Besides, I have a shoe fetish. I like options. And when you are pregnant and your feet swell to unattractive proportions, flip flops are about your only option unless you plan on going barefoot everywhere. Enough excuses already? OK, so I bought these ugly little black flip flops for $6.

     I chopped off the rhinestones and applied a healthy (or unhealthy) portion of this stuff. E-600 glue holds super well.

      Slap on some ruffly ribbon purchased from Hobby Lobby and a cute little bow...and tada!

      By the way, did you know that ribbon is stretchy?? Do you know what you can do with adorable ruffly ribbon that stretches??!! My girls need headbands in every color of this stuff! OK, commercial over, back to my flip flops.

     I. Love. Them. The end.

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