Friday, June 3, 2011

Circle Puff Quilt and Pillows

     I finished the toddler bed's bedding today! Hurray! That's been hanging over my head for a while, so I am glad to be finished with it. I went ahead and made another puff quilt, except this time it is circles instead of squares. It was just as easy as the the other to do. This time I sewed up the two layers and stuffed the whole thing with a thin layer of pollyfill.

     I took a mixing bowl and traced six large circles on the top. Instead of wrestling all fabric with the sewing matching, I decided just to hand sew the circles with embroidery thread. It didn't take long because I made nice long stitches.

      I think the circles are fun twist to an otherwise, pretty standard blanket.

     Again, there is just enough filling to make it puffy, not hard or lumpy.

      And of course, any little lady needs some comfy cute pillows for her bed.

     This puckered pillow is very simple.

     Just make the front panel of the pillow sham a larger than it needs to be and draw dots where you want the puckers on the back side. Gather up bunches of fabric and sew across them nice and tight.

      It gives a great textured look to the front of the pillow. Another easy way to get some texture is to use elastic thread like I did on this one.

     I sewed across the front panel every 2 1/2 inches or so.

     Then I sewed down the other direction, making squares.

     You get gathers on the front without the hastle of actually gathering the material.  I love how all the fabric blends and matches, but it all was purchased or given to me over a long period of time. The plaid skirt, paisley sheet, polkadot pillows, and animal blanket all work just nicely together. The little lady highly approves of her new bedding.

     She was excited to pieces to go to bed, which is totally fine with me! =)

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