Thursday, June 16, 2011

refashioned sleeves

     This is a quick little sleeve refashion....with horrible pictures. Just pretend they are clear. =) I picked up this long sleeve maternity shirt at a thrift store. Obviously, summer and long sleeves don't mix very well, so I need to fix it a bit. I chopped of the sleeves leaving the serging around the arm holes.

     I cut open the sleeves so they laid flat and then shortened them.

     I sewed a gathered stitch along the top "bell" shape part.

      I then top stitched the sleeve back onto the arm hole, but only on the top three quarters or so. I left the gathered portion exposed. Knit won't ravel and it adds a nice little ruffle detail.

     I took the corners of the sleeve and sewed them down to the arm hole.

      And now I have a nice little flutter cap sleeve that only took me about five minutes!

      Much better than long sleeves! Again, sorry about the icky pictures....bad lighting and black fabric don't mix very well! Anyway, its a different way to re-do a sleeve than simply shortening it, or cutting it off all together.

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