Monday, June 20, 2011

Shortcut freezer paper stenciling

      Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day weekend.  This one little tidbit came from a Father's Day present the little lady and I worked on. I wanted to do a freezer paper stenciled shirt for the mister...but when I gathered my supplies, I found I didn't have any freezer paper. Being the super duper patient person that I am, I decided rather than take a trip to the store, I'd see if contact paper worked. I'm quite happy to report that contact paper works wondrously! In fact, I think I like better than the freezer paper option for one simple reason. You don't have to iron!! I dislike ironing intensely! Contact paper is already sticky. All I did was print out my image, trace it on to the contact paper, cut it out, stick it on the shirt, paint, wait till it dries and pull it off. Easy!
     Here it is in process.

     And here is the finished product.

      We did two and they turned out great. Make sure you use paint for fabric, or mix a fabric medium into regular paint so all your hard work doesn't wash off!

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