Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to create a closet

     Our house is an A-frame house. The little lady's room, soon to be her's and her sister's, is the loft. It was not meant to be a bedroom so it does not have a closet in it. Also the A-frame structure makes it very tricky to furnish it because the roof slopes down so low at the sides. This room has been a huge challenge for me! I've scoured the Internet for storage ideas and decorating tips for this type of room, and really haven't found a whole super lot of anything helpful.  Up until now, this has been the little lady's "closet". (excuse the mess, I didn't tidy up before snapping pictures)

     It's a tension bar inside of a short bookcase with the shelves pulled out. It's worked decently, but with baby sister on the way I needed a better system. I did not want two of these plus two dressers in such a little room. It would be a forest of furniture if I did that! Thankfully, I came across these at a garage sale.

     They are wire cubes that you can build anyway you like with plastic connectors. I found three sets for $20! The original store price is $20 a set so I definitely got a great deal! My hubby put them together for me in one long unit.

     I put bars through the wire to hang their dresses.

     Storage totes along the bottom hold all their fold up clothes, so that dressers aren't needed. I cut out and glued foam numbers to them just to pretty them a bit.

     Buckets along the top hold socks and such.

     It still doesn't look as lovely as it would if there was actual doors hiding it all, but I'm sufficiently satisfied that it is neat and organized. At least it is one clothes area as opposed to four different pieces of furniture! Thank the Lord for garage sales! =)

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  1. This looks great. Isn't it rewarding to make a space work without having to make a huge financial investment? I just did a post about being creative with the space that I have. So I can really appreciate what you did here =)

  2. Great job creating a closet! I just wanted to thank you for linking up and let you know that your project was the "readers choice" from last week and I'm featuring you on Sew Woodsy tomorrow! Please make sure you grab a featured button and link up a new projects!

  3. This is an awesome idea! I can actually think of another use for this type of storage. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. What a resourceful solution. I think it looks great!!