Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mini Size Rocking Chair

     My mister sweetly watched the little lady for me for a few hours Saturday so I could go "junking". (That means hitting up all the local garage sales and my favorite thrift store) Among my loot I carted home was this sweet little rocking chair. It cost me a grand total of 75 cents!

     It totally caught my eye because of its worn red paint, and I just love rocking chairs anyway. It was missing one of the back rods, but a dowel rod painted red fixed that pretty easily. I didn't touch the paint. I thought its chippy, shabby little self was just perfect.

     I sewed a little cushion for the seat out of some scraps. The little lady thinks its just wonderful. She spent the entire afternoon sitting in it, patting it, re-arranging the cushion, and telling me how much she "likeys the cheear momma".

    That was 75 cents well spent in my book!

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  1. What an awesome find! Great job. You're right, the fun paint is perfect. I might add a sealer to keep it from chipping further in case it is lead based. :)

  2. That little red rocker is absolutely gorgeous!