Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reversible Wipeable Bibs

     This little project was not very high on my list of "todo's", until today. I decided I had had quite enough of a wet messy baby at the end of every meal. I wanted a bib that stayed on with a SNAP, not cheap Velcro that didn't stick. I wanted a pocket to catch the dribbling cereal, and I wanted it to be wipeable.  The other day I saw some bibs a lady had made out of plastic table cloths. I didn't save it so I can't link you to it, but that part wasn't my idea. It reminded me I had bought several at the end of the summer last year when they were on sale. I like to make baby changing mats out of them for shower presents so I had stocked up on them. The ones I used are those flannel backed vinyl ones. You can find them at Big Lots, the Dollar Store, Walmart, any place like that.
     The first thing I did was make a pattern based on a bib I already had. (The one with cheap Velcro that falls off every time you look at!) I traced it on parchment paper first, because I wanted to alter the size a little.

     Once I got the shape I wanted, I traced the bottom section to make a pocket pattern.

     I cut out the pocket part with the straight part on a fold. I wanted the pocket to have the wipeable part on the inside and the outside so that is why it needs to be on the fold.

     Next, I sewed the pocket to the layer I wanted it on. I did not do a pocket on both sides, but you certainly could.

     I sewed this piece onto a second layer right sides together. You have to leave a hole at the bottom for your hand to get in and turn it right side out.

     I used a different print for the backsides just for fun.

     Once turned right side out, I sewed the hole close and topstiched around the entire thing. I felt it looked neater and made the edges sturdier to do this.

     I added snaps to the straps, but you could also sew on some Velcro. I personally despise Velcro, and would much rather use anything besides that. I won't hold it against you if you like it though. =)

     All done! I can't imagine these will last for forever, but since they cost me a about 20 cents a piece, I'm not especially worried about it. And besides, they are way cuter then any I've seen.

     It would be cute to go around the edges with some bright colored bias tape. This was a "use what you have, and get it done quick while the kiddo is sleeping" deal today. Maybe I'll try the bias tape next time.

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  1. No babies in my house! but there always seems someones going to be adding new ones -- babies that is to their houses, so I may use your ideas to make a stack of bibs for future 'showers' -- I know they will be appreciated!
    (dropped in via Tea Rose Home)

  2. Brilliant! What a great idea. I know a ton of moms out there that would love your bibs!

  3. hiya , great idea and tutorial , tfs , i am visiting from someday crafts and am your newest follower maybe you will pop by mine and follow too

  4. thanks for the inspiration. great job!

  5. This is such a good idea, thanks for posting it!

  6. This idea of yours is really great! Many aspiring sewers can get a very good start on having this brilliant ideas in their mind. You have shared a very inspirational thing that will surely inspire sewers to make their own adorable bibs too. I really love the idea of putting a pocket on a bib and using a snap at the strap of it instead of Velcro. Great job!