Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few minor updates

       Sometimes it surprises me how small changes can really make a big impact. A long time ago I bought a lampshade that, in the store looked red...but at home looked burgundy. While I really like red, I really don't enjoy burgundy. Why I didn't just return it, I'll never know. For some reason I decided to just live with it, until this last weekend when I decided its burgundy days of offending my eyeballs were over. I had a hair brained idea that I wasn't sure would work so I didn't take pictures along the way. The end result my humble opinion of course.

      This was free and easy. I took about a yard and a half of white material, cut it into 2inch wide strips, and tied the strips around my existing lamp shade.  I alternated a knot at the top with a knot at the bottom and so forth, and then trimmed the knots to the length I wanted. I really like how it turned out, and it even looks pretty at night! Ahhh bye bye burgundy!

     The next little update I did was on a few couch pillows. I had made them with black burlap flowers on them several months ago...but the burlap turned from cute to ratty and were super scratchy to boot. I updated it with some softer, better wearing fabric flowers.

      These are all over bloggy world so I'm sure no explanation is needed on how to make them. I just hot glued them on rather than sewing them.

     All in all much better than scratchy burlap. The best thing about both projects is neither are very permanent. If I get tired of them I can rip them off and do something different. The other best thing is that they were free to do. If you don't have tons of fabric laying around you could always use an old sheet.

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  1. That lamps shade is such a great idea! I have not used much burlap yet, but I bet it sure is not soft and comfy! Great transformations!


  2. Love the shade and the pillows! Great work!

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  4. What a simple, clever idea! I love how it looks!

    I am stopping by from Tea Rose Home's Linky Party, please stop by and check out my project, too :)

  5. ooohhh that is PURDY! very very pretty and light and airy - perfect for SPRING!

    would love to have you swing over for a visit

  6. Hi there...visiting from Frecked party. I love your lampshade idea...I would have never thought of that and it looks so pretty. It would be perfect for a little girls room. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.

    Lucky 7 Design

  7. P.S. Im not your #17 follower....woohoo!

  8. What a great idea! Love the way it looks and it seems very easy to do.

  9. Super smart idea!! I am your latest folower can't wait to see what you come with next!!
    Would not mind a follow back :-))
    Have a great weekend!!