Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick little before and after

     Yesterday, I was telling you about a few of my finds from my "junking" adventure Saturday. One of my discoveries was this rather sad looking little stool. It cost me a whopping $5.

     I brought it home to use as a sewing stool. I already have one, but it is a pain to shuffle a chair back and forth from the sewing machine to the serger. (if you saw the tight little area my sewing stuff is in you would understand...I'm not about to show you a picture either...its a catastrophic mess!) I normally stand while I use my serger, but that usually just results in a nice back ache. Some red paint and bright colored fabric makes this as happy looking a little sewing stool as anyone could wish to have.

     I plan on fixing up my little sewing nook and organizing it all. I figure, since it isn't attached to the house, I will use some fun, bright colors. It doesn't need to look as serious as a living space after all.

     All in all, I think it was $5 well spent!


  1. Love the bright colors and fabric!

  2. Adorable transformation. You've got a really cute stool for your sewing nook.