Monday, March 21, 2011

     Happy Monday All!
     Today was yard work day for me. It is quite warm already here in the sunny south, but I'll take that over cold any day! I planted tomato plants (since my seeds didn't make it...boohoo!), weeded flower beds, raked leaves, put in two new flower beds, fertilized, and watered. Despite the blisters and sore back, I just love working out in the fresh air and sun.
     I had a fabulous weekend. Saturday my super sweet hubby watched the kiddo for me so I could go get a hair cut and do some "junking". If you don't know what that is, it is treasure hunting amongst yard sales and thrift stores.  Yard sales are a HUGE thing around here, and I love it! I hit the jackpot Saturday. In my pile of loot I got 15 children's books for $3.

     These are books I grew up reading so I was very tickled to find some for so cheap.
     I also found this wood crib and mattress for $35!

     I practically hugged the lady when she said she would give it to me for that price! Now, granted, it isn't gorgeous....YET. It is solid wood though, sturdy and in great shape. Anything that is solid wood can be beautified with a bit of sand paper and paint. Now we can turn the little lady's crib into a toddler bed and the new little one can have this one. I just love when the Lord drops me an unexpected blessing! That is the second time we've been blessed with a good crib find. The first one we found at super nice children's furniture store marked down from $400 to $75 because of a crack that was purely cosmetic! I wasn't going to argue that, just paid and ran before they changed their mind!
      I am thinking about doing something a little different with this one. The children's room walls are yellow and there is already one white I was thinking of doing this one a grey blue. Right now it is camped out in my dining room until I fix it, so the sooner I make up my mind the better! I'm open for suggestions if anyone would like to chime in! =)

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