Monday, March 7, 2011

Double layered pillowcase dresses

       The pillowcase dress is about the easiest thing you could ever make. If you can sew a straight line, you can make a pillowcase dress. I wanted to make the basic pillowcase dress a little nicer somehow, so I decided to try lining it. I attached a ruffle to the second layer to hang below the first layer. I think it adds a nice flounce to the skirt. Basically to do this, you make two dresses and sew them together at the top and arm holes.

9-12 month size

2T size

      I think the best way to learn to sew better is to make each new project have some sort of improvement to it that you have never tried before. In this case, this was a fun way for me to practice putting in linings.

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  1. These are lovely! I've never seen the "pillow case" dress before! I love it. Did you use another pillow case for the inside too?

    Ps. I'm a new follower from Sew Much Ado's blog hop =)

    *visit anytime! ;)

  2. Monica,
    In this case "pillowcase dress" simply refers to the style... I didn't actually use pillowcases to make these. You certainly can though and I've seen many that way that are super cute!

  3. I've seen a lot of vintage (read garage/yard sale) pillowcases turned into pretty dresses. It's very girlie with a bit of lace at the hem! I better get sewing if I'm going to have one for my little girl.

  4. This is beautiful! LOVE IT! Will be making one for my daughter, and one for a gift. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing!

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Lodges Southeast Alaska