Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slit Sleeve Top Tutorial

       These are a also called peek-a-boo shoulder tops...or whatever other name you know to call them works too. This shirt is very basic, but has the nice option of being somewhat like a tank top too.

         Excuse the somewhat blurry picture, the mosquitoes right now are insane. Its absolutely impossible to stand still for three seconds without getting bit! Anyway, so this is roughly how you can make one.
       Trace a shirt you have, use a pattern, or just measure like I do, and cut out a basic shirt shape. This doesn't have a set in sleeve, but you do need to include a sleeve shape in your cut out. I made mine a boatneck. I made the sleeves to be fitted, and I tapered the sides of the shirt in a bit.

       Now, at the top of your sleeve, cut out a curve. I made mine about an inch deep, and left about a two inch strap at the shoulder.

      I sewed it together just like a normal shirt. Don't forget to sew the sleeve ends together.I hemmed all the openings, and added a little bow at the sleeve connecting point just for pretties.

       This was my practice go around, but there will be a black version available for purchase in my Etsy shop. I used a polyester interlock, and I really liked the structure it had even though it was stretchy.
      I have got a bunch of new things lined up to add to the shop, and tutorials to follow, of course. Right here lately, it's a matter of choosing between making something, or doing the write up on it. Since, photography is my nemesis, I've been choosing the making. Hopefully, I'll get myself caught back up here soon.

Psalms 128:1 Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways.


  1. I love this style of top. Very in right now here in Australia.

  2. Love your top! I have purple and white striped fabric/ jersey. I am pinning this so I can use your tutorial to make it!

  3. ha ha so funny I am making 3 tops this week well hopefully if the little men are willing and this was one I was going to do couldn't find any I liked in the store so I am taking the time to make some clothes this week :) guess we are on the same wave length this week oh and I hope little lady had a great birthday!!

  4. I love the little bow at the bottom. It's perfect.:)

  5. Very cute - I love the bow! Impressed that you can freehand your own creation without using a pattern or another garment!

  6. Super impressed that your making your own shirts! Love the bow on the sleeves!

  7. Love this top, I actually bought a very similar pattern but after seeing yours, I think I will use a top that I have as the pattern, you have inspired me!