Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peter Pan Collars - Variations

       Peter pan collars, do you love them, or do you hate them? See, I like them, but I can't wear them. I think I look like a Pilgrim...not that I have anything against Pilgrims, they were fine folk. I just don't do a whole lot structure in clothes I like to wear or clothes I like to make. I like things flowy, ruffly, breezy and easy to wear.
     Here is your basic peter pan collar.

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       Here is a lovely color blocked version.

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       This one is scalloped, which I quite like.

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       I compromised my like for peter pan collars by morphing it with a non-structured ruffle collar. I also doubled it just for fun. Here is a lace tank top I did for my Etsy shop with my ruffled up, non-structured version.

      Here is the same thing on a maxi dress, also available in my shop.

       You can do this quite simply by curving the end of your ruffle strip into a point like so.

        You just have to make sure you cut it so that when the right sides are facing out, both ends meet correctly with the points on top.

     While I do like the doubled up version, I think I'd like to try it as just a wide single ruffle.  I think taking a concept and working it into your own style is a fun way to stretch your imagination a bit.
Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm the same- i like the look of them too, but can't wear the ones typically in shops. I'll be having a play with these styles!

  2. The double ruffled collar is so cute! I don't normally wear anything like that, but my goodness, it's tempting!

  3. I love this! That lace tank is beautiful!

  4. I love your take on the Peter Pan collar, very feminine!

  5. I am a "love them" gal. Such a great tip to turn an easy ruffle into the collar. Pinning this because I love to sew and really hope to try this soon!