Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sheer Top

       This really and truly might be my most favorite shirt I've ever made. Its comfy, cute, and so easy to make its almost sinful.

      I designed it for my Etsy shop, but don't kid yourself...I'll end up with a closet full for myself by the end of summer! This basic shirt can be made all sorts of different ways, but I'll show you how to do just this one for today. You will need some knit fabric, I used polyester interlock, and some sheer fabric.
      Start by cutting the knit into a rectangle. You'll need to decide how long you want it, and how wide. I cut out the front and back at the same time by folding the fabric in half length wise, and then folding it again.

       Next, you want to tailor it a bit by curving it in a half inch or so at the waist. I mark off 8 inches for my arm holes before cutting. That way, I'm sure I'm not cutting t0o high on the shirt.

         Now, we need to cut the neck hole. For the back, I measure from the top corner over four inches and down three inches.

      The front shirt's neckline gets cut 3 inches deeper.

      At this point, you could sew the shirt as is and have a nice black shirt. We are going to have a little more fun with it though, by cutting the front of the shirt apart about nine inches from the top.

          Using your cut out as your pattern, cut out the sheer fabric. I cut out the sheer about an inch and a half longer than the knit. The reason for this, is that the sheer will not stretch like the knit, it also needs to be serged along the hem to prevent fraying.

        To sew it together, I first sewed the sheer to the knit to make the front of the shirt.

       Sew the shoulders and sides just as you would normally.

      Lastly, just hem all the openings. As I mentioned before, I serge the sheer section before hemming to finish off the edge.

       See? Is that not the easiest shirt ever? It's the style I always use if I find myself in a pinch for needing something to wear. ( Translation: Abby has 13 outfits piled on the bed, has a boo-hoo fit about liking none of it, and traipses off an hour before needing to leave to go somewhere to make something new. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that!) Just by way of illustration, here are just a few variations of the same cut out.

       Oh yes, I didn't mention it, but it works just dandy for dress making as well. Dresses need a just a tad more fussing to account for the hips, but overall it's just the same.
      I don't mean to make it sound like sewing in real sleeves is difficult, its not at all! This just eliminates that step, making this super time efficient. Have fun sewing!

Psalms 103:8   The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.


  1. This turned out beautifully! I'm still in awe on how your draft your own garments without having to use a commercial pattern!

  2. I like that very much. So pretty and cute!

  3. Hey there! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous MODCLOTH giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!

  4. I just finished this top and have to say this was a terrible tutorial to fits like a dream and now I have to make one in every color!!!! :) It's perfectly breezy and perfect for summer. I am headed back to me sewing room now to turn it into a dress and maybe add a ruffle and a belt. Love it!

  5. Looks great! New follower here - hope you will stop by and do the same!

  6. Just found this today. Great tutorial.

  7. Hi there, if my sewing machine does not have the hemming function can I use the zigzag stitch instead? :) and do you have a video tutorial cause its quite difficult to understand the steps clearly...

    Thanks! :)

  8. Very nice! I made a square top (actually a rectangular top as i wanted mine to be longer) some time back. Check it out here:
    Your tutorial's a great refresher and also provides a lot more measurements than some others that i've read. Think my next square top will be nicer because of your tips. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  9. Great post! Found you on Pinterest. I love your blog!

  10. Thanks so much for posting these awesome tutorials even though you sell on Etsy. I really appreciate the new, cute clothing ideas!

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  12. 2012?? Some things are with your tutorial here. Was a HUGE blessing to find your post...its going to help me sooo much to vary my top patterns!