Monday, March 28, 2011

Circle skirt dress - the sequel

     Those little dresses I made yesterday kept niggling at my mind. I wanted to know if the same concept would work for an adult size...and the bigger question, would it work for a maternity dress? If you haven't noticed, I'm bent on making clothes that will work with the current baby belly and still be wearable when baby has made his/her grand appearance. It just seems a waste to me to only wear clothes for five or so months and then box them up. I had a few extra minutes during the little lady's nap time so I tried it....and it works! Yippee!

     I had a shirt I had made that shrunk horribly in the wash. Don't even ask me how many things I have ruined from lack of prewashing fabric...its rather abominable. It was about 4 inches too short and the sleeves were too tight so I used that as my starter shirt. I cut the sleeves off and the bottom of the shirt. I had a picture of this, but my camera ate it....or I didn't save it right, whatever. Anyway, I'm sure you can figure that part out. Next I attached the skirt. Again, if you need help with a circle skirt, Made has just about the best tutorial I've seen on one. For my dress I did NOT do a full circle skirt, I did a half circle skirt. I wanted it to be flowy and have extra fabric for a belly, but not be large enough to house the offspring of an elephant!
     To do a half circle skirt just do everything in 2's rather than 4's. For instance, fold your fabric in half rather than in fourths, divide your waist measurement in half rather than in fourths, etc.
     Once finished with that, I just hemmed the arm holes, added some ruffly design up top and tied a sash around the waist.

     I think it'll be great for the rest of the summer and post baby bump as well. Me thinks I need about 7 more...the sad thing is, it won't be hard to find that many shrunken shirts to use.

     Happy sewing! =)

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  1. Seriously Abby, thanks again for such a great idea! This one is going in the "someday" file too!

  2. I really like this dress. Maybe I will make something like this. Great job!

  3. Loving this! Definately going into my to-do file!!

  4. this is really cute and great for spring!! i love the ruffles and the contrasting colors! i just made my first dress two weeks ago...i got a little frustrated. haha thanks for linking it up!

  5. This is an adorable dress, whether you're pregnant or not. Or not would definitely be the case for this 60+ Nanna! LOL!!!

  6. I am currently five months pregnant and am thinking just like you, why buy clothes that i am not going to wear after this five months is up? This is hitting me even more so this pregnancy. I have two boys and am having a girl this time and am done have babies. I am not wanting to waste money on maternity clothes. thanks for the alternative.