Thursday, April 14, 2011

What can you do with a fabric sample?

     Quite a bit it would seem! Several months back, I purchased some home decor fabric samples off of EBay for next to nothing. There are several different prints but all the same color scheme so they all coordinate well together. So far I've used them for kitchen curtains and a pillow. The stack caught my eye again today. I decided it would be just the thing to redo a little footstool I've had laying around for ages. As I recall it was given to me for free with a rocking chair I had bought at a yard sale.

     It wasn't a bad little stool, just not my style. After ripping all the fabric off I had this.

     I painted the legs and covered the old padding with a piece of my fabric sample. Much better.

     I can even pop a tray on top and use if for a mini coffee table...which is about all my miniature living room can handle!

     I had enough pieces left over to do two matching pillow. I adore pillows. The more the merrier I say!


     Don't worry, I'm not going print crazy...the rest of the room is pretty solid so it isn't over kill. I hope to make solid white curtains in the near future so that will tone things down a bit too. I have a good amount of a much smaller print in the same red that I'm thinking about doing my dining room chairs with...not sure about that yet.
     At any rate those fabric samples sure were worth the small amount they cost!

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  1. That is gorgeous fabric and what a great way to use remnants.

    Thanks for the visit and leaving such a nice comment on my storage shelf.

  2. I love it! I love the fabric and the fabric on your chairs, if you have time hop on over to my link party and link this up! I'd be really appreciative...I also have a great Giveaway you can find the link on my link party page.
    Simply Creations Link Party

  3. Love the red! Gorgeous fabric! It's incredible how much you can do with sample sized pieces! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's an adorable little stool & love how you covered it.