Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black and White Curtains

     I am in a "mood" lately. I have approximently 123 days until baby girl #2 arrives, and I have become rather obsessed with getting every project I ever wanted to do done in that amount of time. Some people "nest" right before baby comes, I'm pretty much in "nesting" mode for nine months straight! Seeing as how I invent more work for myself on a daily bases, I doubt that I will finish my list anytime soon.
     I'm super pleased with the accomplishment of my latest project though...curtains!

      They were very much needed because at night the whole wide world can see right in those sliding glass doors. I'm not a huge fan of the "I'm a fish in a fish bowl" feeling.
     I'm not sure if you've looked at curtain rods lately, but for long ones like I needed they are not cheap...at all. There is a store in our little town that sells salvaged goods. I found four rods long enough there for $7 each.  They were missing the hardware and different colors with a few scratches to complete things, but not hardly anything that couldn't be fixed. My handy dandy hubby helped me hang them with pipe fastners after I spray painted them all black.
     I scoured the fabric store multiple times for some nice white home decore fabric and had no luck at all. I priced canvas, cotton, table cloths, sheets, you name it to find my cheapest option for fabric. As it turns out, the cheapest option was to buy ready made panals for the drapes to which I added a strip of pleated black fabric around the bottom. I purchased a queen size black sheet to use for material.

     I also bought a king size white sheet, which I cut into thirds to make valances for the other windows. I used the left over black sheet to make the ties.

     The green walls aren't exactly what I would pick, but here is why I am not about to change the wall color.

     I am NOT about to hop on a ladder that high and tape off all those window to repaint a perfectly good wall! Hights are not my thing, and I don't love paint near enough to risk my life for it.
     All in all, I was able to cover four extra large windows, rods and all for less than $100. I love the finished look it adds to the room. The nice thing too, is if I get tired of black and white it wouln't be hard at all to switch the black out for another color.

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  1. These came out great. I love a thrifty shopper. I need to do the same for some of my windows.

  2. Wow, that is quite a dramatic wall! Must be wonderful to see that everyday! I was also a nine-month-long nester. I love it actually. Being so motivated... and then my house looks great! Custom curtains rule -- especially the price tag. Nice job!

  3. Aw, come on! Don't you know pregnancy and tottering on high ladders with a bucket of paint go hand in hand? Totally kidding! I wouldn't want to take on that height either!
    I love your curtains! I've been meaning to make curtains for a long time, but I get intimidated by so much fabric. I'm just bound to cut the whole thing crooked!
    Congrats on girl #2! I love having 2 girls. Just 2 weeks before I find out if I'm having another or if we're adding a boy to the mix!

  4. The green wall looks great! Plus, with the black n white window treatment, the whole room has a fresh look to it just in time for spring =)

  5. Looks great. These look similar to the curtains I hung in my kitchen, except I found some plain valances that needed a little somthing extra.


  6. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.
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