Friday, April 22, 2011

Fabric clock and pincushion

     I'm on a mission to clean and organize my sewing and craft stuff this weekend. I'll save the embarrassment of a "before" picture until I've got some progress to show. I needed a clock, so while cleaning I found everything I needed to make one. I used a plastic plate from the dollar store, a scrap of fabric from that stool I recovered, some stickers and a clock motor left over from making Christmas presents. This is the plate I used.

     I cut out a circle of fabric and mod podged it on the plate. (or hodge podged it as my hubby says) Makes a cute clock for only a dollar!

     The next quick little improvement was to make an extra pincushion. I always end up having a pile of straight pins next to one machine because I'm too lazy busy to get up and get the cushion from the other machine. I had this little tin bucket set that I found for 50cents at the thrift store. I cut out a circle of the same scrap fabric, making it about twice the size of the top of the bucket.

     I sewed a loose gathered stitch around the top to make a pocket of sorts.

     I stuffed the bucket and the pocket with a generous helping of pollyfill.

     Then I just hot glued it on. I left the other side empty to hold bobbins and such that I change out frequently.

     I'd say I've gotten my money's worth out of that fabric. One little remnant has covered a stool, made a toddler size kitchen apron, covered a clock and made a pincushion! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to part with the rest to the trash now, I've only got strings of it left. Well, hopefully I'll have shockingly gorgeous craft area to show you on Monday....or just a clean one. =)

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  1. Love the clock ideas. Very cute! I've used little tin buckets for the base of pincushions & love how great they work, plus they are so cute.

  2. Ha! That's some of my most favorite fabric. I used some on closet doors with decopage. Love it. Cute ideas.