Thursday, April 28, 2011

Screws for the crib!

     If you read this post, you know that I recently purchased a crib at a garage sale, repainted it, and then realised I had forgotten to get the hardware to put it together when I purchased it! Aghh! Leave it to me to do something so brainless!
     Well my hubby came to the rescue, figured out all the screws needed and put it together for me. Here is what it looks like all together.

     I decided to use it as a toddler bed for the little lady and let the new baby have our old crib. Their room is actually not a bedroom, but an open loft. This bed is up against the rail, that is why you see windows behind it. The walls are yellow and the crib is a grayish blue. I distressed it to bring out the details and then coated it with poly acrylic to keep it from scratching or chipping.

     I like how the back looks a little like bead board.

     I normally spray paint everything, but I had a specific color I wanted for this, so I hand painted it. These little bars take fifty million years!

     Well, now I just need to get sewing bedding for both cribs. That is, if my sewing machine decides cooperate! It decided it hates me yesterday. I just got it in December and have never had a problem till yesterday. It works fine and then out of no where it sounds like a jackhammer and the needle pops! I tried a new bobbin, new roll of thread, adjusting tension and anything else I could think of. If any of you have any suggestions I'd be so grateful!
     I'm working on a massive project that I can't wait to show you! Sheesh! That's a long project two weekends in a row...I must be getting more patience in my old age or something! =)

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  1. Very cute! I love the color especially. Love your glazed chairs as well.

  2. Ok, so this is like a super old post that I found from the "You might also like:" at the bottom of your posts, and you've probably got it figured out by now... but when my sewing machine makes noises and gets crabby, it means I have to clean & oil it. Check out your manual. If you don't have it, search online with your machines make & model. Most manuals are online also. GL! :)