Monday, August 22, 2011

How to stuff too many things into a tiny room...aka finished baby room

     So, I sorta, kinda, finished up the little girls' much as I'm going to do with it right now anyway. I'm not entirely satisfied, but until I get some better ideas, here is what it looks like now. As I've explained before, their room is an open loft. It's sloping roof makes it extremely difficult to fit furniture and it also has no closet. Here is what is looks like from the stairs looking in.

      Do you remember this awful painting I found at the thrift store?

      Here is what is looks like now. Just as a side note, never try to make a chalkboard out of a painting that has really thick paint strokes on it. Even after about five coats of chalkboard paint, I can still see the outline of those awful geese! My two year old doesn't care though, she thinks its great that she can color anytime she want now.

      Books and toys go here. If all the toys don't fit, they get chucked out or donated. I know, I'm a mean momma. You can see how I made the book shelves in this post. My mister made the toy shelves for me.

      I showed you in the last post how to make a rocking chair cushion. The rocking chair was a garage sale find.

      This is the baby's crib. You can see how I made the quilts, sheets, and bed skirts for both beds in this post and this post.

     I made the embroidery hoop mobile and show you how in this post.

      The shelves just have a few random things on them. The pink frame used to be gold colored and I painted it and then dry brushed with white. The black and white picture of the two little girls in it came from The Graphics Fairy. (Love LOVE that site!)

     Here is the clothes situation which I explained here. This is the part I'm not entirely happy still looks cluttered to me. Its also pretty annoying when a certain little someone decides to "help momma" and empty out a shelf of clothes into the dirty clothes hamper! It would really be lovely to have it all put away out of site. I don't have a better solution at the moment though...I would love any suggestions! The dresser is going to get a pretty paint job at some point in the future.

      I added some sticky mirrors to the wall around the ABC art I made here. I've never met a little girl who didn't like to look at themselves...needless to say this was a huge hit! Yes, the "Z" on the canvas is still backwards...I'll fix it...someday.

      And last is the toddler bed which was also a garage sale find and repainted by me.  My mom made the super cute polka dot crocheted blanket at the foot of the bed.

     So there you have it...a little crowded, but just right for the little girls at this stage. Funny, I started out thinking I was going to have a bird theme in this room. I don't think there is a single bird in it! Oh well, I guess the moral of the story is to just go with what works!

" Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you." James 4:8

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  1. It looks so sweet and warm! Nice and homey. I LOVE the "Jesus knows me this I love" blocks! Great job!


  2. Adorable room! it's perfect for a tot. I see what you mean about the cloths being out...a little one can have lots of fun playing in her cloths that Mommy so carefully hung up.. what about changing out the crib tot bed to a regular smaller size tot bed and put it where the cloths are hanging now, then you could use the height of the room for a tall dresser or wardrobe.
    I love the room and its as sweet as can be.
    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  3. This room is very cute! Haven't come up with any ideas for the clothes area yet... will let you know when I think of something.

  4. I am laughing my hinny off at the duck picture. My mother in law bought this picture new in the late eighties from JCPennys. It actually matched her living room furniture. You are too young to remember all matchy matchy! This picture back then was upwards of $400!! Yep, you read right. Crazy, huh? And the furniture was just as bad as the picture!! Just came across your site this week and I absolutely love it! Thank you for giving me a happy morning reading your back posts!!