Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new skirt in 30 minutes

     Last week was an absolute debacle for getting anything accomplished and consequently, I had absolutely nothing to post. Unless of course, you are very interested in seeing pictures of someone else's very messy house. (which, come to think of it, might be quite enjoyable if it weren't of my house!) Things seem to have returned to some form of sanity so I did some sewing today to celebrate. Actually, I had errands to run, but it was raining buckets and dark as tombs outside so I hibernated inside instead.
     This is about the easiest and fastest piece of clothing there is to make, and endless possibilities of variations. Meet my 30 min skirt...or skirts as the case may be.

     Just a note, the hems really are not drooping to the left its just the way they are hanging. Anyway, the tops are stretchy knit making them very comfy. This makes them ideal if you happen to be pregnant which I happen to be at the moment. I have made at least a half dozen like this while not pregnant just because they are so easy and comfortable, and I'm partial to drop waist styles anyway. The waist doesn't need to be contrasting, in this case I used cotton on the bottom so I didn't really have a choice.
    Basically I cut an A-line skirt and made the waist my hip measurement. I cut two pieces of knit that looked like this. The narrowed in measurement being my waist measurement.

      I sewed up the sides of the skirt and up the sides of the waist piece. Next I folded the waist part over on itself right sides out and sewed it to the top of my skirt. Hem the edges and all done! For varieties' sake I added a ruffle onto the grey plaid one. There really is all sorts of options you can do...A-line, circle, straight, asymmetrical, long, short, with ruffles, pleats, and whatever else you can dream up. I exaggerate even on the 30 minute bit, once you get the hang of it and if you don't have interruptions you can easily whip one out in 15 minutes! These two cost me maybe 75 cents each. The grey fabric I got at a thrift store, and the other I got for free. Can't beat that cost!
      I think that next I'm going to try a double layer one with some of the thinner cotton fabrics I need to use up. Its about time I did some sewing, my fabric stash is getting a little out of hand...as in, it needs its own house! I think I have a serious fabric buying sickness.

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