Thursday, February 10, 2011


      It has been dreadfully cold for simply ages. It could be worse; I could be living in Michigan or somewhere equally as North Pole like. Cold weather is very counterproductive to my project inventing self. I can’t paint anything because the paint won’t work right and I might get frost bite...or just really really cold which is about the same thing in my mind. I can’t really sew much because my sewing area is outside in a utility room that is as frigid as an ice box, and after about 10 minutes, I can't feel my fingers.  No one wants to garage sale in the cold so my "junking" habits are severely limited. (much to my mister's delight) So while bemoaning my temporary freeze (ha-ha no pun intended!) on all things I like to do best, I've created a list of what I'll do when the thermometer hits 60 degrees and stays that way for more than three hours.
  1. Organize my fabric and craft area so that it is easy to use and pretty to look at.
  2. Refinish furniture.
  3. Recover dining room chairs.
  4. Sew myself some shirts and dresses.
  5. Learn how to sew button holes.
  6. Sew a bed set for toddler bed.
  7. Curtains for sliding glass door.
  8. Curtains for master bedroom.
  9. Create some sort of side table for couch.
  10. Sew a bed skirt for my bed.
  11. Plant vegetable garden.
  12. Plant flowers.
  13. Fix a new seat for outside swing.
  14. Re-do deck table.
  15. Sew cute and adorable things for new baby
Well now, that might keep me busy for a day or two at least! Excuse me while I go stare longingly at the thermometer.

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