Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Little Improvements

   Hello there! How was your weekend? I spent the weekend doing some very much needed cleaning up around here. I do love the feeling of a clean house...for the entire two seconds it lasts that is. So. a while ago, I painted my cabinets. (see the post on it here.) I've been looking for baskets to set on the top of the cabinets for ages, but could never find ones that were the right size. I finally found what I needed at Home the form of mettle buckets. I think I actually like them better than having baskets.

      They hold all the extra things that don't fit into my itsy bitsy sized pantry. There are key tags tied on with ribbon, labeling each bucket. I think it works just nicely.

      I also happened to find this super cute little wooden step stool at a garage sale the other day for $5. For now it functioning as a plant stand on my deck.

      I imagine it will get used as a few different things before I decide on just the perfect job for it. I just love wooden ladders of any kind.

      Hmmm, apparently I also happen to love red lanterns since three of them managed to make it into both these spots. Eh well, at least I'm consistent with what I like. So, there's the extent of productivity this weekend...unless of course you'd care to see all the dust rags that are completely black and waiting to washed. I think little fairies come and sprinkle dust around my house while I'm sleeping.
      Have a lovely week!

Psalms 29:2   Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. 
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