Monday, July 2, 2012

Boy Carseat

     Guys, its in...this year is half over. Does that shock anyone besides me?? Are you doing anything fun for the Fourth? I got to have my fun last week with friends in town, who we don't get to see very often. I slaved away doing things like going to the beach and other such labors. It was rough. I did manage to accomplish at least one thing though. I did a baby car seat makeover for a friend. She had a purple plaid car seat that needed some work to make it fit for a boy.

       She picked out some super soft minky for the seat, and grey and black polka dot for the canopy. I used the same method of doing it as I did for my carseat makeover in this post. A couple things I did different, was to put the contrasting fabric around the strap holes, and I did not use binding for the elastic casing around the seat cover.

      I won't lie, that fabric around the holes was an absolute pain to do. It took almost as long to do just that as the entire next go around, I'm thinking I'm sticking to button holes. It does look nicer with that little bit of contrast though.  I used wide ribbon folded in half to hold the plastic piping on the canopy.

     One mistake I did on both mine and this one, was to make the canopy the exact width it needed to be. You actually want it to be about an inch wider, so that you can sew binding on to close up the piping strips. As it was, I had to work around that plastic, and it wasn't as neat as I would have liked. Let's just say, there is a reason I sell clothes and not car seat covers. I do love how much nicer a custom cover looks as opposed to just a store bought regular one. If you've ever done one of these, I'd love to read any tips you have to share in the comments!
      I went and bought new feet for my machine this weekend, and I am SO excited about them! I got a ruffler foot, zipper foot, walking foot, and a rolled hem foot. I'm hoping I'll have lots of new tips and tricks and super cute things to show you from them in the near future! I'm off to play with fabric...have a happy day!

Matthew 10:8  ...freely ye have received, freely give. 
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  1. That is gorgeous! Great job!

    I'm totally jealous about the new sewing machine feet! I can't wait to hear about what you make with them.

    Happy 4th of July!!