Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas trees for your Christmas tree!

     I finally finished my Christmas tree! Nothing like being on the ball and on top of things! Ha! I'm so glad I finished too, just in time for half the lights to stop working. Awesome. Well anyway, if you are a chronic blog browser like me, you know the web is just oozing with gorgeous Christmas inspiration right now. I could sit for hours and just look through all the creative talent that is out there. I stumbled across this tutorial, the other day. These little trees are made from cut up jeans, and they are just too cute!

      It just so happened, that I have a whole bag of cut up jeans! Why you ask? I'd rather you didn't. I don't remember, but it was for something good I'm sure of it! (totally in denial about any fabric hoarding obsessions going on here!) I used some to make a few little trees of my own.

       I swiped a few of the thirty three million little girl necklaces my two year old has, and hot glued them on for my bling.

      Go check out that tutorial and make yourself one!

      So wanna see my tree? First off, its not a "put together, everything matches, designer" type tree. Its a hodge podge, messy sort of tree with lots of good memories attached. Every year we get each other a new ornament. My mister usually gets a bird too. I love them perched here and there in the branches.

     Some were given to us, or hand made by other people.

      Some have so much sentimental value, like this little sock monkey. My mister was deployed one year during Christmas time, and had hid it before he left for me to find on Christmas. It sat out on my desk for months and smiled at me, reminding me to keep my chin up when I certainly didn't feel like it.

        I always put just regular old candy canes on it too...something so classically Christmas about them.

         So, here is my tree, all put together in time for Christmas.

       Its ginormous is it not? It's ten feet tall and about 6 feet wide. The wide part is the problem. My house has a nice high roof, only a little square footage. In my little house, this thing takes up half the dining room and half the living room. But hey, at least its festive looking! What does it matter if you practically have to walk sideways to get around and pine needles fall into your dinner plate?!
     I believe I'll take the rest of the week off to just enjoy Christmas with my kiddos. I think I hear some Christmas baking calling my name! (does making hot chocolate in the microwave count as baking? let's not get too carried away here!)
     I hope you will take some time in all the merry making to think about the greatest Gift that was given to all of us, Jesus Christ. Let's not forget why we are celebrating in the first place!

Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


  1. I love that it's a mishmash and so big! Big as your heart I'd say! Your little blue jean trees turned out fabulous! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! xo

  2. Abby - I just love reading your blog, it makes me feel a little in touch with you. I love hearing stories about your girls and your mister. We loved having him for a neighbor, even before you came along. I remember walking to church with him in the winter and it was always a praying standoff - him praying for snow and me praying for a 70 degree December. I told him our prayers cancelled each other out. Your tree reminds me of my own(well mine is artificial-I just can't handle the needles, well I can't handle any of it, thank God for a daughter that doesn't mind helping with that task). As we are putting the ornaments on, many of them have a story and most of them are in my head, I remember who they are from and since I am getting a bit older, I have starting writing a name and a year on them, so that in years to come I will always know where they came from. This year as I was unpacking them, I would say this is from so and so, they gave it to me such and such a year and this is from so and so, they gave it to me for such and such an occasion. Brad said "how can you remember all that"? I said "I don't have a clue", some days I can't remember what I did yesterday, but for some reason the ornament stories stick with me. I have an early December birthday and everyone knows I love Christmas so I often just happen to get ornaments or Christmas decoration stuff for my birthday. So when we put up my tree - it's also a very pleasant walk down memory lane. No designer tree can compete with that in my book!!! I didn't have any of the listed identities for leaving a comment, so I did anonymous, but I'm pretty sure you can figure out who I am :)

  3. I love your tree! Send me a picture of the grandbabies in front of it! Love and miss you ALL!

  4. Your tree is gorgeous!! Love the little denim trees, too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and God bless you and your family!!