Thursday, January 13, 2011

sew a simple boy's fleece ski mask

     As much as I adore fixing up furniture and tinkering with things about the house, I love to sew even more. For Christmas I made our nephews each a fleece ski mask. I used a generic size chart I found online since they all live several states away and measuring heads wasn't an option. I got the size too small for one of them, so today I whipped up a replacement to send him. If this one doesn't fit I had better just stick with making things that don't require specific measurements!
     When I sew I don't use patterns. For some reason my mind just cannot comprehend how to make them work. Some of us are just dull like that.  My method is to measure, draw dots, connect the dots, cut out and then sew. For a ski mask you need to know the head circumference and how long from chin to top. I put my two pieces of fleece together and then measured half of the circumference across. It would be ideal to have this on the fold so you don't have a seam in the front. I didn't have enough material to fold on this one. Add about four inches to your length and mark that on the cloth. At this point your markings should look like a large rectangle. When you cut it out you will round out the top and angle in slightly toward the neck. The cut out piece should look something like this.

Now about an inch inch or so below the top cut about a three inch rectangle for the eyes. I like to round the corners. It should look like this.

     Now just turn inside out and sew around all your edges. Hem the eye part. I like to do a double hem so that its more sturdy and looks more finished.
     This is how the finished product looks from the front. ( I used a pillow as my model!)

And here is how it looks from the side.

     I don't know what the boys thought of them, but my hubby they were great fun. He wants one, but I say no. He'd wear it to to town and embarrass me or constantly be jumping out from behind doors to scare me just for the sheer fun of it! Not all boys need one, just the ones that live several states away.
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  1. Our boys loved them and they have been great for keeping them warm while they work and play in the snow. I imagine they will get some good wearing next hunting season too!