Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new use for clothesline

     When we moved into this house a few months ago, I painted our bedroom walls a deliciously dark shade of brown. It looks like coffee beans or melted chocolate (two of my very favorite things) and I think it's wondrous. To contrast with the dark walls I have a lot of white in the room. However, my old lampshade was a dark brown and didn't look oh so lovely against those walls. So what to do. I needed to recover the thing and I knew I wanted it to be white, unique looking, and have texture. Enter a wad of clothesline I found laying around. Perfect! I hot glued it around the lamp shade and voila! White, unique, texture...check, check, and check. It would have been free too except that I ran out half way through and had to go buy another roll. Still it was monstrously cheaper than buying a new one. I'm quite pleased with it.

     You can see how dark my walls are in these pictures, but to be fair to them, I did take these pictures at night. During the day they don't look quite so cavernous. Here is a close up picture.

      I was thinking of embellishing it with some flowers or something, but decided to leave it. I like its simplicity.
     I have another one in the living room that needs doing. Hmmm maybe I'll use sticks this time. Ha! Kidding!
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