Saturday, January 8, 2011

making storage act as decor

     I have an itsy bitsy house. Its as cute as can be, but oh so very small. Now mind you, I'm thankful to have it!  However, it has been a bit of challenge to create an open homey look without it being cluttered. One way to do that is to create hidden storage, or plainly put, make your decorations act as storage. To give credit where its due, I only thought of doing this after I read this post. Here are a few ways I do it in my home.
     These two fruit baskets sit above my fridge. The one on the left holds hot pads and baby bibs. The one on the right holds dish wash rags and place mats.

     One thing I must admit, I have a serious love of old crates and wooden boxes. They make divine storage and look oh so charming and rustic while they are at it! This one holds my rice, dried beans and noodles. Bet you cant guess what the little black basket on top of it holds can you! I'm subtle what can I say.

     This crate holds my table cloths.

     This crate sits in my pantry space and holds my dish towels.

One note about my pantry. Its just a built in shelf in the wall, completely exposed for all to see. I prettied it up with a collection of garage sale baskets and chalkboard labels. It still needs some work, but these things take time you know!

    Then I have some not so subtle storage. My cooking spoons are kept in a spray painted flower planter.

This old candy jar holds hot coco mix (mmmm my fav!) and snacks.

This is my all time favorite. Whats more appropriate to hold tea bags than a vintage tea pot! And just in case anyone doesn't catch the connection, I offer a helpful tip with the vinyl letters. I do amuse myself sometimes.

Well that gives you a pretty good idea of some different ways to make up for lack of cabinets, room for extra furniture, etc.
     Hopefully by Monday I'll have some progress to report on some storage for my munchkin's little attic room. Now that is a room that needs some storage! Before I break my silly neck trying to walk in it!
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  1. You had me won over the crates and boxes! Decor and necessity storage all in one. Gotta love it. :)


  2. I love old crates and boxes too. I think they make awesome storage containers (as long as I remember what I put in them)!
    Welcome to blogging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have the couple of years.
    I'm going to add to your follower count!