Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A scrappy wall storage unit - My first building project

      Power tools and I have never been friends. Not too long ago, I instructed my mister to pick up a pack of screw drivers at the hardware store...and he came home with a new drill instead. I was not happy. I don't like drills. I wanted a screwdriver.

     Very reluctantly, my drill and I became friends. I have my inpatients to thank for becoming friends with power saws. I have way too many projects I want to get done to sit around waiting for my mister to have time to cut wood for me. What's a girl to do, but suck it up and learn how to cut wood?

      Originally, I planned to make wall storage along these lines for this wall. (You can read more about my cinder block wall here.)

#DIY Industrial Rustic Shelf Tutorial.

      Turns out, shelves like that, the size I wanted, was not exactly cheap. Have you looked at the price of pipe lately? Maybe I'm missing some important part of pipe shopping, but it's rather pricey. I needed something more along the general price range of free to properly fit my budget.
     Plan B involved scrounging around and using anything I had on hand that could possible be turned into a shelf. I started with these two doors that I pulled out of my kitchen a few weeks back.

      I cleaned them up, and primed and painted them.

      Next up I made a long shelf using some 2x4's I had left over from another project. I used screws for everything so I can take this thing apart later, if I so desire.

      I cut four legs from a 4x4.

       At this point I dragged everything inside to assemble it all. The four legs I screwed onto the shelf, essentially making a long bench.

     I screwed the doors to the "bench" along the back. (Uh hum, so ya, I maybe skipped painting the back of the doors. Perfection was never my stongest asset.)

      I decided to my doors needed more stability, so I added 2x4 scraps to the front connecting down to the main shelf.

      I made another shelf using scrap board that actually was originally in this room behind the paneling I pulled out.

     Using brackets I had laying around, I added a few more shelves. An old ladder, a former pigeon nesting box, and crate helped round out the storage options.

 I couldn't help myself and added a little color by dry brushing random paint samples on the boards.

       And what will I do with these super cute shelves? Why, use them for storage, naturally.

      I can't stand pawing through totes, smashing everything to bits, looking for the one piece I need. Now, I don't have to!

       I can just "shop" my wall. This room is my work/sewing room, and I can't think of what "art" I'd rather look at while working than loads of random textures and colors.

      Besides, if I ever wanted to have a garage sale...all I'd have to do is open the front door. =) Seriously though, isn't knowing what you have so much nicer than having it all tucked away in some dark corner?

      And before you kindly suggest I might have hording tendencies...let me just remind you, there are only two rooms in my entire house that have been fully furnished. (See the entry here, and the guest bathroom here.) These shelves will clear off quite a bit as each new room is fully finished.

      In the mean time, I have decided wood working isn't so bad after all! It's not much different than sewing really...axcept fabric is more forgiving and doesn't give me a back ache.

        The only thing I specifically purchased for this project was the 4x4...making the total cost for my shelves $6.57. Now that's more like it!

Colossians 3:23   And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; 


  1. I love this!!! You've given me some great ideas to use on all the barnwood, shutters and shelves I've got.

  2. Thanks Paula! You can't go wrong with barnwood and shutters...I'll bet whatever you come up with will be terrific! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, Abby! This is quite impressive! I love how your storage wall looks like a booth at a swanky vintage boutique. I have a lot to learn from you. I'm your newest GFC follower. Thanks again for stopping by today and leaving a sweet comment on the jelly bean bracelets. I hope you'll visit again and maybe even follow me back.

  4. Wow! What an amazing project- I love it! Great job:)

  5. Abby your scrap wall is FABULOUS! I love how you styled them! Would love for you to share at the party! xo Bridgett


  6. What a great project! I love that you used what you had and built a friendlier relationship with some tools :) Totally cool result. (I'm visiting from Homemaker on a Dime)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  7. Nice! What better way to see all that you have by displaying it.

    Stopping by from under the table dreaming.


  8. Your shelves are fabulous!! How much fun you must have styling them.
    Mary Alice

  9. I think me and power tools need to become better friends! I love this... I don't have a single room finished in our new house and I have rooms with all the decor lining the walls on the floor. This is such a great idea! I wonder where to find Power Tools 101!!

  10. I LOVE your shelves and they are much better than a ready made piece you would buy. I needed shelves in my kitchen right after Christmas, but I didn't want to spend money on a piece of furniture. I gathered up shelves from the garage and the attic to create my own hutch look. I like it better than if I had purchased something.

    I will be looking back at your wall for inspiration on a space I am creating for myself in the garage. You have lots of fun ideas on those shelves.

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  13. Well, that’s definitely a great start for a DIY project for a wall storage unit. Of course, this would look good for storing items that you can display. However, if you’re thinking of having something that’s more of a storage unit for items, which are not really for display and just for safekeeping, you can always rent a storage unit. :)

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