Friday, February 8, 2013

A Chandelier Style Skeleton Lampshade

      I've been fiddling with my entry way. I feel like if the house looks fresh, clean, and inviting when I first step through the door, I'll feel better about the mess beyond. I'll give you the full scoop on where I started in this section of the house, and what it looks like now, a little later when I'm all done fiddling. (And you are soooo going to love the difference!) For now, lets talk about lamp shades.

    I have this phobia of walking into a dark house. If someone is in my house who isn't supposed to be, I'd rather look at 'em right in the eyeball than in the dark! (Actually, I'd probably be fainted from fright on the floor but whatever.) Because of the way this house was constructed, it was impossible to put a light switch to the foyer light right beside the door without ripping out walls. The next best solution was to have a lamp within easy reach of stepping through the door. I happened upon a couple lamps in my local salvage shop that were super duper cheap, which filled the need for a lamp just nicely.

     They were lacking a shade, so I scrounged around in my boxes and piles of things yet to be unpacked and found this rather drab brown one.

    Eh, not so much the look I was going for, so out came the scissors.

       Aghh, much better. Now, I need to fancy things up a tad. I used some crystally do-dads I found half off in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby to add some sparkle. (...And I forgot to take a picture, but it's a long wire strand thing and some strung together crystals.)

     I also painted the base of the lamp silver, and glazed it with black. It goes quite nicely with it's new blingy shade.

      And it compliments the chandelier I had installed as well, which was the goal.

      I can't wait to show you this whole little entry, I'm so happy with how much better it looks! I hope your weekend is as happy and sparkly as my new lampshade!

Psalms 119:105   Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. 


  1. What a beautiful transformation - you guys are good. It's a wonderful gift to have the insight to see how beautiful one can make something that is not so. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love this chandelier lampshade! I would like to use it in a roundup I am working on. It is so unique.