Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simple "I Spy" Alphebet Quiet Book for Kids

       One of our family's Christmas traditions is that at least one gift per person must be handmade. It's a fun way to make a gift personal, and not just throwing money at more stuff. I decided my handmade gift for the little girls would be a book. The rules for the book were: it must be water (slobber) proof, rip proof, interesting enough for my oldest and simple enough for my youngest, easily transportable, and be somewhat educational.

        I really liked some of the handmade quiet books I found on Etsy. I figured I could come up with my own version that was personalized to my kids. I put each girls picture on the front page so they would always know which book was whose.
       To make the book itself, I used plastic badge holders and book rings. Both of which I found, very inexpensively, in the office section at Walmart.

       For the page fillers I used a small wooden alphabet set, buttons shaped like objects, and random items I had on hand.

       I laid out the alphabet set and then matched up the objects that started with that letter.

       I stuffed each page and then sewed the page shut. I absolutely do not wish for the small objects inside to be accessible in any way, hence the sewing shut of each page.

      After each page is sewn shut, put them in order on the rings. Lastly I sewed a clip clasp on with elastic to the first and last page so that it can be kept shut. Besides, clasps are fascinating to small children so that in and of itself will be a hit I'm sure.

      I think all the little things to look at will fun for them.

       I tried to use real objects whenever possible. "L" for "label"....

...."E" for "earring".

      I used colors on some of the letters that I was just plan stumped on, like "O" for "orange". I mean really, do you have any octopuses laying around your house? Ya, me neither!

       I hope they will like it. Judging from how much attention the little bags of buttons were getting from them when I was buying them at the store, I think they will.
      Do you have any fun family Christmas traditions?

  2 Corinthians 9:15   Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.
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  1. Adorable!! Love it and may have to steal :)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea! My daughter is 4 and is learning her alphabet at pre-k and I know she would love something like this. We have a tradition like this in my family as well. Ever since my daughter was a baby she always received something handmade whether it was a crocheted baby blanket from my mom, homemade dress, or like last year I made her a rag doll. That was a fun one because she knew that I was making the doll so I had to tell her it was for a former co-workers daughter Brook. She was extremely suprised and happy to find the doll under the Christmas tree. She tried telling me at first that it was Miss Brookie's dolly and once she understood that it was hers she gave the doll the name Brookie. This year I am getting ready to sew her a stuffed bear out of some pretty pink fleece that I have in my stash.

  3. Darling and so simple. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is absolutely adorable and such an awesome, personal gift to give or receive! I might make one for my niece for her birthday!

    xo Missy

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