Friday, December 14, 2012

Change of Address - Week one in review

       It finally happened, one week ago today. Over a month late, we finally got to let the ink dry on the closing papers for our new home. "New" as in "new to me"... this house is in fact, the exact opposite of new! Of course I couldn't just be normal and fall in love with regular house; one in great shape and ready to move into. Oh, no, not me. That would just be too easy. Instead I fell in love with an old creaky house built in the 50's...that has no heat/air, old dim lights, no appliances, pink counter tops,  avocado green bathroom, and enough dust to make a small mountain! Oh, but I just love this old drafty house! It has stories to tell, it has unique features not found in modern houses, it has it's own personality. It also LOTS of work to be done in it...I now have blogging content for the next century at least! =)
      I thought I'd round up what we have accomplished on it, just in the first week we've had it. The goal is to at least get it clean and livable by the end of next week. So, here we go!

     1.  Day One: Have locksmith come out to install door locks. Investigate house throughout.  Decide red carpet must go. NOW.

      Pulled out carpet...happy to report I did not suffocate on the dust that came flying out!

     2.  Day two: Decide damaged parquet that was found under carpet must also come out. Learn all sorts of new respect for wood glue. Very nearly broke my hand by putting it at the end of the crowbar where it gets the most force....I do NOT recommend doing that!

      Decide I never want to see a jenga puzzle again. Small wood pieces are evil! I recommend having a husband handy to do most of the hard stuff.

     3.  Day Three: Electrician consulted with to determine wiring issues. He proceeds to pop all of my bubbles about installing new lights seems this old house has all of it's wiring buried under solid wood. Intense cleaning from ceilings, to walls, to windows, to floors begins.

      I decided to use a sponge mop for walls and ceilings to save my back, and the trouble of climbing up and down ladders.

     4.  Day Four: Chimney man arrives to clean/inspect chimney. He adds a rain cap to help keep the water out, and takes out the old gas logs/connection for me so we can burn wood in it. Contractor arrives to discuss putting in appliances and HVAC system. More cleaning....I rediscover my hatred for scrubbing old window screens.

     5.  Day Five: Contractor and AC guys arrive to determine how to get AC installed. I discover my "cost researching" is no where near accurate. Major bummer. More cleaning.

     6.  Day Six: I have used more cleaner in six days than I have in my entire life! This stuff works wonders for getting unidentifiable gunk off of walls.

     Don't use it where you don't intend to paint...this is what it will look like.

      So there you go....what my life looked like this last week. I'd say we are off to a pretty good start! I will feel much better when I am sure everything is clean and sanitary...the cosmetics will come over time. I have decided for the time being, to close my shop. Between two little ones, and this house, I just don't have enough hours in the day! Once it is cleaned up and habitable, I think I'll be able to get back on track with my shop. So how's your Christmas prep coming? I'm thinking I'll get to mine...oh, say around Christmas Eve or so! =) Have a great weekend!
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Ecclesiastes 3:1   To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 
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  1. Our first house had black and navy blue pinstriped kitchen carpet in the master bedroom. I ripped it out about ten minutes after getting the keys and taking posession.

    Looks like you're having fun -- there's no adventure in new houses!

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