Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sewing tips - Slits

       I recently made a few skirts with slits in the side seams. I thought I'd show you my super easy way of making them. They are very simple to do and give a garment a slightly more professional look. I'm going to skip right to the slit sewing and assume you know how to cut out a basic straight skirt.
      I started by serging the edges of my two panels. I measured down to where I wanted the slit to start and put a pin.

     I sewed the two panels together leaving about a fourth inch on the side.

      I stopped when I got the pin and it looked like this.

      I laid the serged edges flat and sewed them down. ( I switched to a short skirt on the pictures here so don't be confused)

      Once both edges are sewn down, sew a line horizontally across the top of the slit. This helps the fabric have extra stability at that weak spot.

      After hemming the bottom, I have a nice and tidy slit. It is the exact same concept you use when sewing in a zipper.

     These small slits are more for decorative purposes in this short skirt than for function.

     In a long one like this though, they are very functionable. They make it so you don't have to take mini steps when you walk.

      For someone with long legs, like me, they are almost essential. Unless it is a very full skirt, I am almost guaranteed to rip a seam when I walk too fast without them.

      So there you go, give it a try and you'll probably find you like them!

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  1. I love this! Love your boots, too! Thanks for the tips!