Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Mini Merry Christmas - Simple Style

     Have you ever strung popcorn for your Christmas tree? I've always loved the old timey look of it, but I've never tried it till this year. It's simple, and I love it. Sometimes simple is just the way to go. "Simple" says relax, you don't need to have everything as perfect as everybody else. "Simple" says stop, enjoy the living part of life.

        "Simple" makes memories and giggles.

         "Simple" also reminds you that you don't have to have everything that you think you have to have....like all my belongings, and Christmas decorations, that are locked away in storage because we are still working on getting permanent housing.

       "Simple" reminds me that there was a time when people were so much more grateful...and had so much less. "Simple" helps me remember what exactly I'm celebrating in the first place.

        We can make Christmas so much more complicated than it needs to be...if we let ourselves.

       This housing delay makes me want to pout and cancel Christmas. I could do that, and make everyone around me miserable. Or. I can remember that Christmas started all because of the simple gift of love....not stuff. It was all about a person, Jesus, who loved people, and chose to live a simple life for my sake. So here's to Christmas, whether glitzy and huge, or simple and small, lets keep the main thing the main thing this season.

       A 2 foot tall Christmas looks just the same as a 10 footer if the Christmas spirit is there. Although I must say, if I get to have a decent tree this season I certainly won't be complaining! =) Have you started your decorating yet, or are you a December decorator?
(p.s. the tree and do-dads to make decorations were all gleaned from the craft store. The popcorn is holding up nicely! I recommend!)

Psalms 21:3   For thou preventest him with the blessings of goodness:

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  1. Simple is good and a tree is a tree .... Christmas isn't about big and better, elaborate, etc. You're making great memories for your kiddies.

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