Friday, October 26, 2012

Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

        Guess what?? It's Friday! As if Fridays need to be improved upon, here's a simple sewing project that will make the day even better! Winter is coming, and who likes cold hands?! Not me! Makes me down right grouchy to be cold! Grab a half yard of cozy sweater fabric, or a nice thick rib knit and you can whip up these gloves in no time!

       The best thing about them? (Besides the fact, you can make them in every color and print under the sun!) You don't have to sacrifice your ability to function, because they are fingerless!

        So here's how it's done. Cut out a rectangle of fabric on a fold with the stretch going width wise. I made mine 13 inches long, and 7.5 inches wide. This makes for a very snug fit, so if you want a looser fit adjust accordingly. Also, if your fabric is not super stretchy, you'll need to add some to the width as well.

       With the wrong side out, sew around the three raw edges. Leave a gap not sewn in the LONG side to turn it right side out. Use a serger or a zigzag stitch on a regular machine. If you have a walking foot, it helps enormously, especially on sweater type fabrics! ( I used white thread so you could see what I did, I would recommend matching the thread to your fabric so it doesn't look tacky!)

      Flip it right side out, and sew up that gap. It looks pretty ugly, but no worries! You won't see that stitch in just a bit.

      Fold the rectangle in half, length wise.  Pop a pin an inch and a half from the top edge. Place another pin 2 inches below that one.

      Sew down the side, but do NOT sew between the two pins.

        Because we double layered the glove, we don't have to hem the ends or the thumb hole. Fabulous, no?! However, because knit does like to roll, I folded over the seam at the ends and just tacked it down at that one spot. This just helps that seam not roll outwards. Do that at both ends.

      Flip it out, and you are finished with your first glove! Do the exact same thing for the other glove.

      I was thinking of all the different things you could make, using this exact same method.

  • Make a skinnier version for your kids.
  • Use man fabric and make a manly version. My hubs loves to hunt, and these would be perfect for him! Camo anyone?
  • Don't leave a thumb hole, make it 20 inches long, sew the ends together....cute head warmer!
  • Don't leave a thumb hole, make it wider...leg warmers!
  • Don't leave a thumb hole, make it the same size...cute kid's leg warmers!
  • Make it really really long (60 inches or so) and bout 14 inches wide, sew the ends together...infinity scarf!
....ok, ok, I'm done now. Point is, there are options. I like options. Happy weekend!!
P.S. These are for sale in my shop with new colors to be added soon!

 Hebrews 3:4   For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God. 
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