Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites - Kitchens

     Good morning and happy Friday! I forgot it was Friday today...what a lovely surprise! My deck project that I told you about last Friday is coming along quite nicely. Another week or two and it should be all done. In the mean kitchen is next on my hit list. The cabinets, specifically, having been eating at me for months. They must be helped. Here is some of my inspiration. (All images are sourced from my Pinterest boards)
      Love white mixed with wood.

     I love the glaze on these cabinets.

     As much as I love white, I can't resist little pops of color.

      There you go...what better excuse not to cook, than to paint your kitchen!
So, just for fun...Oshi from The Pink Box passed along her Versatile Blogger Award to me. One of the rules is to share 7 random facts about yourself. Hmmm lets see...
  1. I never drink the last half inch of liquid left in my cup just in case it has collected dust.
  2. I love coffee and ice cream above all other food.
  3. I cannot screw lids onto bottles drives my mister batty.
  4. I would love to own a horse.
  5. I hate cooking.
  6. Noise and mess are huge stressers.
  7. I'm pretty tall, so I never wear a heal over 2 1/2 inches.
Thanks for the fun Oshi! Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend! =)

Job 23:10 But he knoweth the way that I take:

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  1. "I never drink the last half inch of liquid left in my cup just in case it has collected dust." often I do the same, but in summer, when I drink something sitting in the grass or under a tree..I always think that maybe my cup has collected bugs and other insects ahahahahah
    I loved reading your fact, it's amazing how unique we are! :)

    oh, and I like a lot the kitchen with green chairs,it's so cute!! :)
    have a great weekend you too!

  2. Number 1,3, and 6 describe me to a t. I was reading and burst out laughing, because that is totally me. Can't wait to see your kitchen transformation.

  3. I never drink the last drives my "mister" crazy! But who knows what nasty stuff is left there especially if a dear little one takes a sip?!~mev

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