Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites - Color

    I've been painting...and painting...and painting. My cabinets are almost done...and you will swoon when I show you. OK, you might not, but I will...mostly likely from the sheer joy of finishing! Have I mentioned I don't really like roller and brush painting? I don't. See, it takes this charming little thing called patience to brush paint...and I seem to be in short supply of it.  Also, the world has a funny way of falling apart the second you climb onto a ladder with a paint brush in you hand...babies start running fevers, toddlers forget they ever knew what a potty was, and husbands randomly become stranded on the side of the road with broken down vehicles. Odd how these things happen.
    So what do you think of color? Are you for it or against it? I'm very much for it, mostly. I do enjoy white quite a bit.


    But, I don't think I could handle that much white all the time. This one is fun, but a little too modernish for my taste.


       I'm no good with color matching. Actually, I ask my mister most of the time if I match before leaving the house. He has a better eye for color than I do. I found this oh so super nifty site all about color pallets. Color Lovers has all sorts of interesting color palettes and color matching info.
      Turquoise and yellow are always a go in my book. (Is that skirt not the cutest?!)


     Red and blue of any shade is another combination I very much enjoy. Bold shades or subtle, I just think they look smashing together.



           I think all of these vintage sorts of colors are lovely. I never thought I liked mustard yellow, but it has grown on me.

vintage-y colors

Vintage License Plates Clock

DIY bracelets from old handbags.

      Another color that is growing on me is Orange. Done the right way, I think it can be quite pretty.

morning coffee

       I do believe grey still holds my heart for the loveliest. It looks so classy with other colors.

Gray/white pretty

i love boots. and gray. need gray boots

gray and yellow... @Janet Ritter.

      Well, so much for my dissertation on color. What about you? What pallets strike your fancy and how do you decide which ones go together?
(all images are from Pinterest)

Psalms 96:9 O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.

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  1. I fal in love with those grey boots! :D what brand they are? [I read the pic came from pinterest, but maybe there's a brand..]
    anyway, I love to match colors! :):)
    my favorite cords at the moment are with basic colors and shock ones, for example, white and pink fluo or black and yellow fluo :)

    seriously hope you understand my terrible english! :) kisses and have a great weekend! :)

    ps. remember my giveaway, it's open worldwide :)