Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The best way to do, is to start

     I suppose it is customary to begin New Years resolutions on New Years...but I don't suppose one gets a fine for beginning early! I love to write and I love to make things, so naturally a blog appeals to me. I've been mulling over the thought of beginning one for some time, so here I am! I do a little sewing, crafting, furniture refurbishing and that sort of thing. I have all sorts of grandiose schemes for the upcoming year and cannot wait to share them all with you. You wont see anything professionally done or fancy, but maybe we can learn a few things on the way. At any rate, I intend to have fun with this!
     The title of this blog comes from my favorite hymn, "Great is thy Faithfulness". The best line in the song is "morning by morning new mercies I see". Often the daily grind blinds us to the many mercies God has sprinkled through the day. I want to be better at focusing on the blessings. I want learn to shine in the roles I have been handed. I want to enjoy right now...today...and having dishes to do and dirty diapers to change is no excuse not to!
Happy New Year!

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