Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boot Liner Tutorial

      Well this is a tutorial-"ish"... if you want to see a more tip, top, tidy tutorial (like all my "T" words? Impressive I know) go to this tutorial. I'm not really a super tip, top, tidy sort of sewer...I'm more the "my kids are going to wake up in 15 minutes and I really should be doing laundry but I've been working on this boot project for two weeks and I just want to get it done already so I'm just going to make this up and hope it works" kind of sewer.

      Also keep in mind, this is how to make liners, not socks. I didn't intend for these to fit my feet perfectly. I wanted them to line the boot and be loose enough for me to still wear socks if I wanted and to stuff the legs of my jeans into them. First off, you will need some fleece. I used plain black for the part no one will see and white for the cuff. Measure your boot around the widest part of the foot.

     Measure around the ankle, the widest part of the leg and the height of the boot. (not pictured)

     Using these measurements and the boot as your guide, trace out a boot shape on your fleece.

      My boot was 11 inches around the foot part, so I make it 6 inches wide on my shape and so on. You'll end up with something that looks like a Christmas stocking. Sew it together on the RIGHT sides. I wanted the seam facing out so it wouldn't rub on my foot. It is going in a boot so it won't matter that it doesn't look super gorgeous. As you can see, I did my first one in sections, and then decided it wasn't necessary for the second one.

      Now cut a rectangle of your cuff fleece wide enough to go all the way around and twice as tall as you want the cuff to be. I think mine was 20" by 7" or something like that.

     Sew it up the sides into a tube.

     Fold it over on itself so the raw seam is inside. Put it inside the top of the boot liner and sew the three edges together.

     Now it should look like this, with the folded edge on top.

    Take a strip of elastic and zig zag stitch it around just below the seam. Not too tight, you just want it to be snug on your leg, not a tourniquet for an operation.

     Fold the cuff over the elastic and you are all finished. I added a button just for pretties.

     I just love how warm and soft they are. I hate cold feet about as much as a cat does a swimming pool.

      My mind is already conjuring up a bout 20 more pairs...How cute would these be using a cable knit sweater...or some faux fur...or some polka dots! You could have a whole wardrobe just of boot liners! Well, a foot wardrobe anyway.

     If you make some, I'd love to see what you come up with!

     If you missed yesterday's post on how I painted these boots, go check it out!

"I will sing of the meries of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all gnerations." Psalm 89:1


  1. Sweet! I was just coming on here to ask about this too!
    I thought the cuff was you pants, making you have really awesome, cute, fleece lined jeans..which is so far not obtainable in the "outdoor-styled" clothes. Guess we have to make our own :D
    Thanks for the tute!

  2. Cute! I made boot liners for one of my boys when the ones that came in his new snow boots self destructed after a few wearings. (I copied the old ones.) I had no idea these were so popular until I started looking around.

  3. Hi!
    I'm about to go to Spain for three of the coldest months of my life (I'm a FLORIDA girl!), and my wonderful Momma is making me some of these liners. We had the idea to make 2-3 "boot" parts, and then use velcro to attach different cuffs. But we're stuck, we can't figure out the logistics of how/where to put the velcro. Any ideas?